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Top Communication Apps for Your Business

Top Communication Apps for Your Business

Apps are the new Internet: a technology boom that is making some people a pile of money while simultaneously changing the way other people do business. While it’s true that many apps are simply new and shiny ways to do the same old thing, a few rise above the rest and improve business communication immensely.

If you haven’t already, check out these rock star business communication apps (and share your favorites in the comments!):

1. GoToMeeting

One of the top apps for collaborative efforts with remote participants. Different features range from a private chat room to the ability to broadcast screenshots to a range of participants.

2. Skype

The instant message service is useful, but it’s the free international phone and video chat that really makes this app shine. Use it to get face time with your clients and allies all over the globe.

3. GoogleChat

GoogleChat picks up where Skype left off by adding options for multi-party video chat, synchronized chat rooms, and combining the app with other Google tools like Drive and Google+.

4. CampFire

CampFire is a group collaboration tool that keeps a record of the entire conversation, no matter how long or complex. The service is great for those brainstorming sessions where nobody remembers the best idea from early on in the conversation. CampFire’s parent company, 37Signals, also produces Basecamp and Backpack to meet your other communication needs.

5. Yammer

The trouble with social media is that everybody can read it — even your competition and that former team-member who doesn’t take his NDA seriously. Yammer sets up a Twitter-style interface open only to team members you choose to include. You get the off-the-cuff communication of social media without the risks.

6. TeamBox

TeamBox combines instant messaging, file sharing and project management modes to let teams collaborate on complex projects without having to leave the interface for more information. It’s an upgrade to communication-centric apps for teams that need that extra functionality.

7. CodeBase

CodeBase is for coders what TeamBox is for creatives and project managers. The app combines chat and collaboration tools with a database of code so that multiple team members can simultaneously work on the same program.

Apps come and go every day and given the way things are going this post could be obsolete before the end of the year.

What apps are you using to help make your office communications faster, cheaper and better?

  • Nora

    Still waiting for the much anticipated Grasshopper app for iPhone! 😉

    • Allison Canty

      It’s on the way Nora. We expect to be in beta in early November. Are you on our beta list? If not, email us your name and Grasshopper number to social(at)grasshopper(dot)com.

  • Paul

    Good point Nora. Y’all have been tooting your horn about the grasshopper app for I don’t knownhow long. It’s like going to movie and seeing a preview for a movie a thousand times for months on end, only to finally tire of it. By the time it comes out you won’t see it because better stuff is out or it is so bad you realize the whole budget was wasted on advertising rather than substance. The grasshopper app better be super impressive or you’ll hopefully be crucified in the reviews for tooting your horn for so long.

    • Allison Canty

      Hi Paul – we’re really excited about the app and think you’ll like what you see! Are you on our beta list yet? If not, email us at social(at)grasshopper(dot)com and we can get you added so you can give it a try.

  • Aaron

    Surprised bitrix24 wasn’t on the list. My team has abandoned many of the tools on this list in favor of that free (up to 12 users) app.

    • Allison Canty

      Thanks for sharing Aaron. We’ll have to check that app out.

  • Otto Hilska

    Campfire hasn’t been actively developed in years. Flowdock is a modern business group chat that works together with email, Twitter and all your other apps.

  • mspirit

    Thanks for the list.. quite helpful

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