Paul Graham If there's one person who has revolutionized the concept of the low-cost technology startup -- businesses that can go from concept to minimum viable product straight from their bedroom or garage -- it's Paul Graham.

Through YCombinator, the innovative investment fund designed to give entrepreneurs the mentoring they need to live the dream on a small budget, Graham has shown there is a clear path for entrepreneurship on the Web that doesn't necessarily require millions of dollars.

For those looking for inspiration and wisdom from one of Silicon Valley's biggest champions of entrepreneurs, here are 10 of Graham's most memorable quotes.

  1. 'As long as you're over a certain threshold of intelligence, what matters most is determination.' -- 'What We Look For in Founders' [tweet]

  2. 'It's better to make a few people really happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy.' -- 'Startups in 13 Sentences' [tweet]

  3. 'When technology makes something dramatically cheaper, standardization always follows.' -- 'The Future of Web Startups' [tweet]

  4. 'In a sense there's just one mistake that kills startups: not making something users want.' -- 'The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups' [tweet]

  5. 'Work and life are supposed to be separate. But that part, I'm convinced, is a mistake.' -- 'What Business Can Learn From Open Source' [tweet]

  6. 'The most important quality in a CEO is his vision for the company's future.' -- 'What the Bubble Got Right' [tweet]

  7. 'For nearly everyone, the opinion of one's peers is the most powerful motivator of all -- more powerful even than the nominal goal of most startup founders, getting rich.' -- 'A Student's Guide to Startups' [tweet]

  8. 'Startups live or die on morale. If you let the difficulty of raising money destroy your morale, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.' -- 'A Fundraising Survival Guide' [tweet]

  9. 'The one book we encourage startup founders to read is Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.' -- 'Startup FAQ' [tweet]

  10. 'The more labels you have for yourself, the dumber they make you.' -- 'Keep Your Identity Small' [tweet]

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