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The Summer Slump: Decline of Productivity

In the summer, the temperature may be rising but productivity is on the decline. Many factors contribute to this, including heat, air conditioning, lack of vacation and summer time distractions. Below we explore the impact summer has on workers across the US.

The Summer Slump Infographic

  • Uncle B

    Watch China! They have up and running a whole unique oil free manufacturing infrastructure, operating with veggies and rice fed folk, supported by nuclear/electric power, and boasting electric bullet train networks as the backbone to a new oil free paradigm in the manufacturing world! If China feels it can increase productivity cheaply by introducing air-conditioning, it will be done! Perhaps American working situations are so out dated and ergonomically inconsiderate of the worker over the white shirts that the worker and the companies suffer to keep the smart-asses in the offices happy while the company fails with overheated workers! This is the Corporatist pattern isn’t it? The hands of the poor working bastards that actually do the work are trod upon in the Capitalist tradition while communists see things in a different light altogether! China has booted America’s economic ass but good! Beware phase two of the conquering of America without firing a shot, coming to you soon, coming to you from Asia!

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