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The President Proclaims November 19th as National Entrepreneurs’ Day

In May of 2010, David and I started a petition to the President to create a National Entrepreneurs’ Day. We didn’t understand why the most entrepreneurial country in the world didn’t have a day to recognize entrepreneurs.

Now, only 6 months and thousands of signatures later, it seems that the effort was worth it and that anything is possible: the President of the United States has proclaimed the last day of National Entrepreneurship Week, November 19th of this year, as National Entrepreneurs’ Day – making November a great month for entrepreneurs everywhere.

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 14 through November 20, 2010, as National Entrepreneurship Week. I call upon all Americans to commemorate this week with appropriate programs and activities, and to celebrate November 19, 2010, as National Entrepreneurs’ Day.”

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who signed and supported the petition and realized that this was more than just a novel idea, but a real movement to support entrepreneurs. A special thank you goes to the Kauffman Foundation for being our partner in this endeavor.

Fueling Progress

Back in May 2009, we launched a little video called Entrepreneurs Can Change the World; you may have seen it. The main goal of the video was to remind current and would-be entrepreneurs that anything is possible, even those dreams that you may have had as a kid, but decided were too lofty or were unrealistic. We wanted to remind people everywhere that with hard work, ambition and tenacity, we can create the future we imagine for ourselves.

Entrepreneurs are America’s real “bailout”; by investing in their ventures, we’ll be able to stimulate a real economic turnaround. Instituting our first National Entrepreneurs’ Day and having it recognized by the President is a major step towards fueling this incredible forward motion. So, we extend our deepest gratitude to the President for instituting this important addition to the calendar, and in doing so, shining a spotlight on the ways in which entrepreneurs support our economy and serve as catalysts for real economic growth.

What can you do on National Entrepreneurs’ Day?

    1. Thank. If you know an entrepreneur, thank them for the ways in which they’ve made an impact on our economy thus far; the simple act of giving thanks can strengthen a connection or start a new one. If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, thank the individuals who brought you to where you are today. This is what National Entrepreneurs’ Day is all about.
    2. Mentor. Perhaps there was someone who urged you to start your first business or helped you bring your first big idea to life; if so, they’ve played a part in making you the entrepreneur you are today. Return the favor and find an entrepreneur you can mentor through thick and thin.
    3. Give. Kiva is an organization that promotes micro lending to alleviate poverty around the world. With corporate and institutional partners from Google to Ashoka, you can feel confident that your donation is going to reach a deserving entrepreneur somewhere in the world, and that, in turn, your donation will serve as a catalyst for change (if you doubt this, might I remind you that anything is possible?).
    4. Pay it forward. You can help support fellow entrepreneurs by paying it forward with products, services, and/or your time. What’s easy for you may not be easy for another aspiring entrepreneur. Remember: a little help can go a long way.

Happy entrepreneurs’ day everyone and please spread the word!

Siamak & David

  • @JoeHobot

    I am glad to be the part of the petition! Thank you! Thank you very much!
    We “Entrepreneurs” much appreciate that!

  • Alexey Ossikine

    Siamak and David,

    Major congratulations to you guys. This is a huge success!

    Being the most entrepreneurial country in the world, America needs this day to honor all the entrepreneurs that have made it such a free market and a prominent player in the global economy. Congratulations and best of luck with all of your projects.


  • RZ

    Perhaps he’ll do something substantive to help entrepreneurs in conjunction with this, like extending the Bush tax cuts on capital gains.

  • Mathew Paisner

    Congrats David and Siamak! This is awesome. As a Babson MBA, I’ve been following Grasshopper since the administration showed us your video on campus. This is a HUGE milestone! I’m posting the good news to the Babson MBA Fbook page and can’t wait to see the buzz on campus tomorrow. Thanks again!

  • John

    Getting things done! Way to go!

  • Hajir Moghaddam

    Hi, Good job making this issue a higher priority of our President.

  • Richard Banfield

    Wonderful news. Congratulations Dave and Siamak. This is a huge win for the entrepreneurial community and especially the new generation of startups. Let us know how we can help?

  • Jannelle Richardson

    This is awesome news! Congratulations David and Siamak. What an an achievement.

  • Jeff Slobotski

    Great work guys and wonderful news! Keep up the great work in keeping the message of entrepreneurship top of mind!

  • Adam Toren

    WOW! What a great feeling! That is truly awesome! A special thanks goes to David, Siamak, Jonathan & the Kauffman Foundation and to all the Entrepreneurs that shared in this vision! All of us here at are super proud to have been part of the ‘movement!’

  • Jodo Kast

    Great work and kudos!

  • Naturalinvestor

    Thank you very much for your Hard Work!
    Happy National Entrepreneurs’ Day!
    In celebration we are giving “4 Hour Work Week’ Books for free!

  • The Arete Guy

    Glad to have been a supporter of the National Entrepreneurs Day – Carried The banner prominently for 6 months on our blog! http;// Join the promotion On Twitter today #NED
    Thanks for all you guys did on this!
    TheAreteGuy on Twitter

  • roy morejon

    Great work on this guys!

  • Brienna

    Awesome work! :)

  • Norm

    I have shown that “What is an Entrepreneur Video” to hundreds of our students and clients and think it is awesome! As an unemployable entrepreneur and one who has been that way for 30 years, I am happy to see that the risk takers, the rebels, the odd balls are getting recognized. My company works with cities and chambers of commerce and helps businesses start, thrive and grow. I am proud to be part of the movement.

  • Jake Sigal

    guess i missed the memo on this one? nobody told me it was entrepreneurs day!

  • Siamak Nazari

    This is one of the best ideas ever in entrepreneurial world. You are on the right track Sia. Keep it up.

  • Brad Olinger

    The Most amazing thing just happened. I am an advocate for entrepreneurs, possibly one of the most challenging endeavors one can take, but we all know the rewards just might be at our finger tips.

    I was working on my buy local directory,, and came up with the idea of Entrepreneurs Day. I dated it on a very important day to me, November, 15, every year. After putting it up, I went to Google and found this page. Ah ha…Entrepreneur Week, Nov. 14th – Nov. 20th…Perfect! I’ll do my very best to make it happen in Cincinnati, Ohio. Contact my office if you have any great ideas on turning our Country back into one of Entrepreneurship, Prosperity, and Healthy Communities.

    Brad Olinger
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    (513) 891-1230

  • Laura

    Will there be a 2011 National Entrepreneurs Day?

  • Jeff Shjarback

    Hopefully, recognizing a day like this will inspire more people to become entrepreneurs and follow their passion.

  • Danielle Parsons

    We have to be the change we want in the world. Being an entrepreneur means long hours, little recognition and years of work .

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