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Grasshopper Minutes: Everything You Need to Know

Minutes on a Clock

Over the past few months we’ve received a good amount of questions about minutes. So we decided that it might be great if we did an entire post dedicated to minutes, and put your questions in one place.

The easy answer is minutes accrue anytime you’re using your Grasshopper number. Whether you pick up or not, anytime our virtual phone system is used to handle a call, minutes are used.

When am I using my minutes?


How are minutes billed?

Minutes are billed starting from the time Grasshopper picks up the call to the time the call is disconnected. There is an 18 second minimum per call and we bill minutes in 6 second increments.

What happens if I go over the allotted minutes on my plan?

The per-minute overage rate is $0.06 for every minute used over the allotted minutes included in your plan.  Each time you exceed your minutes by $100 worth of minutes, we’ll charge your card to cover this amount.

Do unused minutes roll over into the next month?

No, unused minutes don’t carry over to the next month.

How are minutes charged for forwarded calls?

You’ll begin to accrue minutes from the time Grasshopper accepts the forwarded call until the call is ended.  You are charged anytime your call is using the Grasshopper system.  For example, when a call takes 12 seconds to connect and then the caller listens to your main greeting for 30 seconds and leaves a 30 second voicemail, your total minutes used will be 1 minute and 12 seconds.

What is the toll free rate per minute with Grasshopper?

The toll free rate for incoming and outgoing calls is $0.06 per minute.

Why am I using both my provider/carrier’s minutes and my Grasshopper minutes?

Grasshopper does not provide a dial tone, so you need to use your phone provider’s minutes in order to make the call.  You’re also using your Grasshopper minutes because not only do we get charged for every minute you use but you also have access to all the Grasshopper features for the entire duration of your call.

Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion around how minutes work. Have a question that we missed? Have suggestions? Just ask and we’d be happy to answer!

  • Jonathan Harris

    I understand Grasshopper has to pay for our usage of its system, however, Grasshopper is one of just a very few companies that still actually starts charging minutes as soon as you or a customer begins their call all the way to the time it disconnects. Companies are now not charging you for things like hold times, or when someone is leaving you a voicemail, etc. It’s high time that Grasshopper gets with the program and STOPS nickel-and-diming its customers constantly. Other virtual phone companies have stopped doing it. When will Grasshopper get the hint and also stop doing it to its customers? It’s really getting ridiculous at this point.

    • Emma Siemasko

      Appreciate the feedback, Jonathan! Our
      competitors usually charge for things that we do not charge for. Some charge
      per extension or per user. We’ve found that this system works for us but
      understand that it doesn’t work for everyone. For some its more cost effective
      to pay per minute than per user. Same goes for extensions so it all depends. Thanks for the comment.

      • bob ab

        Is there any company that doesn’t charge per extension, neither per user, nor per minute? lol i want it all free!

        • Emma Siemasko

          Haha! If only.

          • t7

            Say that a call comes to the grasshopper virtual receptionist and option 1 says something like “speak to sales” and that call is forwarded to the sales persons personal cell phone number. Is the grasshopper minute usage accruing until the call is accepted on the cell phone or until the cell phone call is ended?

          • Emma Siemasko

            Hi t7. When you answer a call, both your Grasshopper minutes and your cell phone minutes will be used. The minutes begin as soon as someone calls in to your Grasshopper number and end when you hang up the call. In your scenario, you’d be using the minutes until the cell phone call is ended.

  • popi

    says it charges minutes When you’re talking on the phone.
    So when I’m on a private call on my Cell phone… which is the phone number that is connected to grasshopper…. it uses my minutes toward grasshopper?

    • Allison

      Hi Popi – you’re only using Grasshopper minutes if you’re using your Grasshopper number. This means if a call comes in to your Grasshopper number or you make an outbound call using your Grasshopper number, minutes are being used. If you’re just simply using your cell phone, you’re not using Grasshopper minutes.

  • connectgo

    What if you are on the Ramp plan, and you go over by say 400 minutes, then you decide to upgrade to the Grow plan, are you charged for the overage that occurred while you were on the ramp plan, even though your usage for the month falls within the grow plan?

    • Emma Siemasko

      Hey Jason. Thanks for the question. Yes, you will still be charged for the overage that occurred while on the RAMP plan. The GROW plan minutes will start from the time of the upgrade, moving forward. Hope that answers your question! :)

      • connectgo

        Yes it does thank you

      • connectgo

        Yes it does, thank you. Now I thought of another related question. When you upgrade, are the higher plan cost and minutes prorated for the remainder of the month, or are you just charged the difference between the higher and lower plan cost, and available minutes are bumped up to the higher plan?

        • Emma Siemasko

          Yep, You’ll be charged for the
          higher plan cost and your minutes will be prorated for the remainder of the month.

          • connectgo

            Are you saying if I upgrade in the middle of the month, I would only get half the minutes of the upgraded plan, but I’d be paying for the full amount of the upgraded plan?

          • Emma Siemasko

            Hey Jason. I’m not sure. Our 24/7 support will be able to field this, though — Give them a call at 800- 820 -8210 (toll free) or send an email here:

  • Brian

    When you forward phone calls to a cell phone or external number not to your app do you count the minutes for both incoming and outgoing connection? Aka 1 minute to connect to grasshopper and one minute to connect to my phone leading to two minutes for every minute?

    • Kiera Abbamonte

      Hi Brian. Good question! Yes, anytime your Grasshopper number is being used, minutes are
      being used. As soon as our system receives the call, minutes start accruing. The
      reason for this is because you have access to all of our features during the
      call, like transferring a caller from your cell to another number. Hope that helps!

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