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Source: Sam Howzit

Make National Entrepreneurs’ Day an Official Holiday

In May of 2010, David and I successfully petitioned the President to create a National Entrepreneurs’ Day. We couldn’t understand why the most entrepreneurial country in the world didn’t have a day to recognize entrepreneurs.

Currently, National Entrepreneurs Day has been a presidential proclamation each year, meaning it’s recognized by the White House but not an official day like Father’s Day.

I’m happy to announce that after a year of working with various organizations to make National Entrepreneurs’ Day official, bipartisan legislation 401 was introduced to Congress this week with 26 original cosponsors (representatives who signed on before the resolution was introduced).

Now, we’re petitioning Congress to get National Entrepreneurs’ Day recognized as an official holiday every year, from here on out, and we need your help!

We’ll add your name to the petition to your local congressman. 

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