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Is Voicemail Still Relevant?

Person on a Phone

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article last week about an informal survey they did regarding voicemail. The findings?



It seems as if there’s a pretty big generation gap when it comes to voicemail.

How does this effect business? Is voicemail still relevant?

I fall into the younger than 35 crowd and when it comes to my personal phone, I hate voicemail. I rarely check it and when I do, I typically delete it before listening to the whole message.

When it comes to my work phone however, it’s a different story. If I’m away from my desk or really in a zone, voicemail takes over. Do I listen to it? Of course I do. But with features like voicemail to email and voicemail transcription, I don’t listen to it in a traditional sense. There is no calling into a voicemail system; I simply listen to the mp3 on my computer.

As the younger generation continues to move into the business world, it’ll be interesting to see how tools like voicemail evolve. It seems as if there will still be the need for it but how we receive those messages is yet to be seen.

Do you listen to voicemail? Where do you see it going?

  • Gavin

    Voicemail, as it traditionally or currently exists, is a pain in the backside, not to mention the wallet, but that’s not the whole story.

    Voicemail often costs to check and if there is valuable information contained in the voice message it can easily be misheard, misinterpreted, lost, cause accidents, or, if you have a pen handy and are not driving, can prove to contain nothing more than an extended banal tale of social dribble. In short it is as often as not useless or next to it.

    Voice is immediate, it is unique and emotive, and it is fleeting. These qualities provide value and they provide limitations.

    Voice is humanity’s most effective and immediate communication tool. The only reason it has been sidelined in favour of text is because of the historic inability of analogue technologies to do anything more than create recordings. This limitation prevented anything other than the most basic “freeze and re-use” of recorded voice,. Application of analytical and productivity tools to voice was non-existent.

    Times are changing.

    Voice to text, voice to email and digital listening/interpretation software enable the mobile internet experience and remote comms to be redefined around voice.

    On one hand imagine a day when you truly will need to “watch what you say” because everyone else will be able to…your word will be your bond….again. Imagine being able to create a meeting, or a shopping list directly from a voice message or conversation (from real time digital recording of phone calls).
    Imagine being able to place a call to the internet that connects you to your choice of searched restaurants and books you a table before texting the details directly back to your phone without you having to speak to anyone…no errors…no phones not getting answered…

    Voice technology will totally transform the role of a mobile ISP or mobile telephony company. They will become communication SERVICE providers as opposed to network providers.

    I can’t wait for the resurgence and redefinition of voice as mobility ascends to define the internet experience.



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