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How to Pick a Startup Funding Strategy [Infographic]

What’s your startup funding strategy?  Bootstrapped? True Angel? Super Angel? Venture Capital?  There are a lot things to consider before deciding what funding strategy is right for you and your startup.

How to Pick a Startup Funding Strategy

  • Jonnie King

    Great Article for people like myself just starting out that do not know the game all too well.

  • Florida Startup Accelerator

    Absolutely fantastic! Thank you.

    We’ll share with our community…

    Ky Ekinci
    Office Divvy ™
    on twitter: @OfficeDivvy | @KyEkinci

  • Thubten

    This is a very useful chart. Knowing and understanding one’s options before starting a business is a very good idea. Well done!

  • Martin

    Any chance I can get this in High-Res and dpi, print it and hang it on my start up office wall? Like:

  • Kristel

    One of the best infographics I’ve ever seen :)

    • Allison Canty

      Thanks Kristel!

  • Ekmack

    Great graphic, very helpful for start-ups.

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