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How Starting a Business is Like Casting a Movie

You probably never thought that there were a lot of similarities between running a small business and casting a movie but you’d be surprised. Check out some of the key roles for each. You may find they are more alike than you thought.

SMB Like Casting a Movie

  • Adam Temple

    I respectfully disagree. Starting a business is like this:

    1. Having identified a need in the market, you try to fill it. Oh yeah, you have no money.
    2. You work day and night for months trying to get your sales up.
    3. You become quite depressed because…there still isn’t money.
    4. You finally start making money months later.
    5. You sucker someone to work for you for pennies.
    6. A year later you can afford someone else, and pay them a little more
    7. Now things are going well but you still need cheap labor. You reluctantly pay more than you think is necessary.
    8. Repeat 3-7 until you aren’t a joke anymore.

    I just don’t sympathize with your view of creating a business. Most business don’t start out with venture capital, simply needed to find the right people to hire. That must be nice though 😉

    • Robert

      Hi Adam,
      I sure enjoyed your view of starting a business. I started a couple years ago, and yes, I suckered people. Then, I repeated that step again. Now, well I’m not such a $h!the@d. Thanks for the reality my friend. Rob

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