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How is Grasshopper Different than VoIP?

Dialing the Phone

We’ve received a great deal of questions about the difference between VoIP and Grasshopper. This is a common question and we figured it’d be beneficial for everyone if we explained the difference between the two here on the blog.

So, what’s the difference between Grasshopper and VoIP?

VoIP is short for “voice over Internet protocol”.  VoIP turns your standard internet connection into a phone system and allows you to place and receive phone calls using the internet.  In short, VoIP takes audio signals, turns them into digital signals and then transmits them over the internet.

One of the most important things to understand is although Grasshopper is managed entirely online, you cannot use Grasshopper to make calls online the way you would make a call using VoIP.  Of course, you can use Grasshopper with your Skype account or Google Voice account but that’s not the same thing.

Grasshopper is managed online and in the cloud

Grasshopper is managed completely online and in the cloud. Meaning, you can set up and manage your account through our online portal. We should also mention, if you don’t have access to the internet, you can still access your account via phone.

Unlike VoIP, there is no hardware to purchase or software to install when using Grasshopper.  Grasshopper works on top of your current phone provider and only services your incoming calls.  Think of Grasshopper as an add-on to your current phone service.

Grasshopper doesn’t have quality issues

There is also a bit of a difference in quality depending on the type of VoIP you’re using.  In general, the quality of VoIP phone calls is dependent on the quality of the software, equipment and your internet connection. Since Grasshopper uses the traditional phone network, quality isn’t an issue.

Although VoIP calls can be free or substantially cheaper than traditional phone calls, you may actually be sacrificing professionalism.  Grasshopper helps you sound professional with features like a toll-free number, a custom main greeting and unlimited extensions, making your business look and sound bigger.

Have a question about the difference between VoIP and Grasshopper that we didn’t cover in this post? Just ask!

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  • riposte76

    I’m considering grasshopper for a biz number. Based on the above, does this mean I can’t call my customer back using – or at least showing on ID – the grasshopper number?


    • Emma Siemasko

      You can call your customer back showing your Grasshopper number as the caller ID by using our call out feature or if you have an Android or iPhone you can use one of our apps to make this process super easy. If you have any more questions, send me an email: emma at

  • Kaps Ramburn

    would i be able to forward a call if I’ve answered it already?

    • Emma Siemasko

      Yes! You can definitely do this. You basically just put a live call on hold and then press ## (pound sign, two times). Here’s more info:

      • Kaps Ramburn

        Awesome! Can I have my office admin ring through the web and receive call too? For example she installs a software on her pc and she can make calls and receive them? I want her to manage my workers on site and as well as receive calls from us and the client.

        • Emma Siemasko

          Yes, this should work in the UK. She can’t make and receive calls with a web interface. Instead, she can have your business line forward to a mobile phone or land line. She can receive calls and send them to the right people. She can also use her Grasshopper number to dial out. If you have any more questions, please email me at

      • Kaps Ramburn

        One more question does this work for the UK?

  • Donna

    is there a system for home use or is it only business

    • Kiera Abbamonte

      Hi Donna. Our system can be used for business or personal use. Grasshopper works on top of your existing phone system, so you can use it with your mobile phone or landline at home.

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