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Help Us Shape Our New User Interface!

Woman playing with a UI

As some of you may know, we’ve been working hard on a new user interface for Grasshopper.  Our goal is to improve your user experience and to make creating and managing your account much easier.

With that said, we’re looking for a handful of our passionate customers to help us shape the look and feel of the new user interface. We need you!


Who: Grasshopper customers who are passionate about helping solve problems.

What: Participate in a short usability test via phone and live screen sharing, giving us your honest feedback along the way.

When: The usability tests will take place over the next few weeks. We will schedule the test around your schedule and we expect it to only take about 20 minutes of your time.

Where: From your desk, over the phone.

Why: To help us shape the look and feel of the new Grasshopper interface and because you love our product and want to help. Also, because we have something fun up our sleeve to show our appreciation.

This is your chance to help create something that truly benefits you. Interested? Leave a comment below, send our Ambassador of Buzz a tweet @JonathanCKay or shoot the buzz team an email at JKay(at)grasshopper(dot)com.

  • Julia Anderson

    I’d love to help just because I like being involved in usability tests – but my boss is usually the one who handles the account. Would you like a newbie perspective?

  • Allison Canty

    Hi Julia- Jonathan will be in touch soon if he hasn’t been already.

  • Jane Winslow

    I am really excited about an app for Grasshopper. I do marketing and usability from the customer standpoint for a living. I’d be happy to help if I can.

  • Brian

    Happy to assist, if you want some feedback.

  • Allison Canty

    Hi Jane and Brian – I’ll have Jonathan connect with you guys on this. Thanks!

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