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Fantasies vs. Realities of a Startup [Comic]

For many, the idea of a startup conjures up romantic notions of young guns going from rags to riches. However, ask any successful entrepreneur and he/she can tell you it was by no means an idyllic road to success.  Below we dispel some of the most prolific fantasies about a startup’s road to success.

startup fantasies vs realities infocomic

  • Marcus Shields

    Wow, this couldn’t be further from the truth. “Lonely at the Top?” It’s definitely lonely in the middle. This was a very great read, and I know a lot of time went into these graphics. It looks like vector, you mind if I get a high rez version to make into a poster?

  • Deepak

    Definitely eye catching and informative.

    Loneliness is both at the top as well as the bottom.. how about the middle – crowded?

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