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Did Universal Miss a Marketing Opportunity?


Mark Caro of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article Tuesday detailing his recent experience after watching “The Adjustment Bureau”, the latest film put out by Universal:


“The politician played by Matt Damon doesn’t initially remember the phone number that the dancer played by Emily Blunt gives him in “The Adjustment Bureau.” That’s strange, because I sure did. It’s 212-664-7665. In fact, I repeated it in my head for the rest of the movie: 212-664-7665. 212-664-7665. 212-664-7665. Once home I called it.” 

So was there anyone on the other end of the line? Nope, according to Marc, “No Answer”.

Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

Why not offer those who do call the phone number something special? Direct them to a website where they can get the inside scoop on the movie, watch deleted scenes or print out a coupon for a discount on the DVD. Do something!

Universal had the chance to get people talking about their movie for a different reason and they missed it.

And aside from the marketing aspect, here at Grasshopper we’re just mad they are wasting a 212 phone number! This guy’s over here selling his for $1 million and the movie studio is just letting theirs sit there. Come on!

  • james

    I agree that they missed a huge opportunity. Do you know who currently has the number?
    Cheers, James

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