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[Contest] This Season, Gary Needs a Caption! RESULTS ARE IN

Announcing the Winners

Gary was a good grasshopper for all of 2013. All he wanted this holiday season was a caption for his cartoon. Thanks to you, that’s what he got!


1st Place Winner (receives Winter Wonder Treat Basket & $50 Amazon Gift Card)

Happy Hop-idays from Gary and the Grasshopper Gang! from Greg Ellsworth

2nd Place Winner (receives Winter Wonder Treat Basket)

While you’re out in the snow, Gary will take your message from Joe

Honorable Mentions (receives a Grasshopper t-shirt)

Silly Gary, you don’t Windsor knot a winter scarf! from Perry

Simply havinnnnn a wonderful Cricket time! from Kevin

Original Contest Details

Gary was a good grasshopper for all of 2013. All he wants this holiday season is a caption for his cartoon.

Usually he turns to us, but we couldn’t think of anything clever, so we thought we’d ask our creative friends, fans, and customers. Help us give Gary a caption!

We’ll select the most creative response (it can be funny, clever, weird, or surprising), and the winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card as well as a Winter Wonder Basket full of treats and surprises.

How to Enter

Submit your captions as a comment to this blog post or on our Facebook page by Wednesday, December 18th.

Submit as many times as you want.

We’ll notify winners by email, so be sure to provide the right one when you comment.

Play nice. By submitting a caption, you are agreeing to our House Rules. We reserve the right to reject unfriendly entries.

  • Perry

    Frozen Grasshopper is considered a delicacy on the North Pole!

  • Kevin

    Yuck, that kid’s fart smells.

  • Perry

    Silly Gary, you don’t Windsor knot a winter scarf!

  • Ron van Schaik

    Hoppy Holidays!

    May your days be filled with the joy of a child’s wonder and your nights with the warmth of family and friends.

    Gotta hop off and call me 120 brothers and sisters!

  • Kunwar

    Enjoying winter’s wonderland and joy!!!!!!!

  • Grasshopper Team

    The following entries came from Landmark School:

    “Winter is not my season! Time to go snuggle up underground in my cozy home” -Claire

    “hey guys lets party” -Skylar

    “What is green and can jump a mile in a minute? a grasshopper that hates the snow like Gary!” -AJ (this was originally a YOLO one, but he decided it might not be good for marketing)

    “Wow! its a perfect winter wonderland with snowmen, igloos, and sleds galour! Even as a warm climate insect, the winter is one of the best times because you never run out of fun things to do!” -Henry

    “Gary sends the kids away so the parents can take out the champagne” AND “The kids are outside playing leap frog while the parents are drinking free eggnog” -Liam

    “While you’re out in the snow, Gary will take your message” -Joe

    “Come, JOIN US! Let’s have FUN!” -Ali

  • Booberry

    Spend more time where you want to be with Grasshopper.

  • Booberry

    When you can take the snowflake from my hand, you are ready to try Grasshoper.

  • Booberry

    Try Grasshopper, it’s simply smashing.

  • Perry

    “Just like a Christmas Tree, I’m an ever-green!”

  • Kevin

    Simply havinnnnn a wonderful Cricket time!

  • Perry

    Perk #307 of Working from Home: Lunchtime Snowball Fight!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Callin’ and snowballin’

  • Hannah

    Gary wonders: where to buy a snowsuit for a stick figure

  • Carol

    Gary is happy that grasshoppers don’t hibernate

  • Carol Band

    1. Let the Grasshopper Games begin!
    2. The debate is over. Santa is green.
    3. Gary contemplates letting children join in Grasshopper Games
    4. Gary is glad that grasshoppers don’t hibernate.

  • Angelo

    Grasshopper sings all summer, dances all winter. -Aesop

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