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[Contest] Gary Needs a Ballin’ Caption

Give Gary a Caption

Gary’s participating in March Madness, but his cartoon needs a caption. Someone’s on the phone, but what are they saying? Fans are watching, but what are they thinking?

We can’t think of a caption for this cartoon, so we thought we’d ask our creative friends, fans, and customers. The winning caption will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card as well as a Spring Fling Basket full of treats and surprises.

Submit your captions as a comment to this blog post by Friday, March 29. We’ll select the most creative response (it can be funny, clever, weird, or surprising), and announce the winner on April Fool’s Day, a perfect time for joking! Submit as many times as you want. We’ll notify winners by email, so be sure to provide the right one when you comment.


Play nice. By submitting a caption, you are agreeing to our House Rules. We reserve the right to reject unfriendly entries.


  • Darren Rosebrugh

    “Hey. Yeah. I’m totally on camera right now. Channel 5. Watch me make this next shot.”

  • Ryan C

    “Nobody’s cheering mom…. it’s like crickets in here.”

  • Perry B

    “Callin’ and ballin’!”

  • Rich Trabucco

    “Using Grasshopper for your business is as easy as this grasshopper making a slam dunk!”

  • Stacy Kadesch

    “Hey…I’m pretty busy right now. Don’t BUG me while I’m trying to take this shot!”

  • Emma Siemasko

    “Hm…Why do I have chest hair?”

  • Chris

    A large grasshopper is dribbling and talking on a cellphone

  • Damien Rosenbaum

    “No now’s a perfect time. No it’s cool I’ve got a MILLION minutes”.

  • AMZ

    Why am I here.

  • Joshua Himmelstein

    Ball so hard them other buggers can’t find me, last human try to squash me.

  • Kevin W

    2013 turned out to be the best Science Fair ever

  • Carmel

    “Yeah- just like my productivity with Grasshopper, I am going to take this ball to the BANK and cash it IN!”

  • Jenn Joos

    “Dude, Where’s My Team???”

  • Brittany Thoms

    “Dude, it’s crickets in here.”

  • Brian P

    Thank you for calling our 24/7 Customer Service, how may I help you?

  • John H

    “Dude, I’m a little freaked out. No one in the crowd is wearing pants…”

  • Tom A

    What’s up, Ant? You’re still preparing for winter? Lame.

  • Jay G

    “Don’t forget to forward your calls if you plan on traveling.”

  • Jay G

    “The great thing about Call Screening is that you don’t have to take Kobe’s calls.”

  • Jay G

    “With the new iPhone app, I can call out with one hand and show mad skills with the other.”

  • Jay G

    “I’m really not that into basketball, but the crowdsourcing angle is *genius*.”

  • Jay G

    “I hope the gecko is a no-show.”

  • Brad Barrett

    Forward me the call Grasshopper!

  • Steve Vogel

    In the field or on the court, still got my phone, what a sport. Always available to my customers. Thanks Grasshopper.

  • Ed L

    The King can Tweet courtside? Heck I’m taking calls from the court thanks to Grasshopper!!

  • Ed L

    It’s our ‘BIG 3’…sound professional…stay connected…Grasshopper!!

  • Rich H

    “no… I don’t even like papaya”

  • Simon Yohe

    Gary is literally “calling a timeout”.

  • Dylan H

    Hold on Honey, Playing basketball, be home soon!

  • Rich h

    They don’t suspect a thing…

  • Wendy

    Press 1 to make the shot.
    Press 2 to send this ball to voice mail…

  • Tara Davisson

    Every time I take a business call from an awesome location, I remember how my old coworkers thought I was “crazy” to quit my “great” desk job to start my own business. If only they were watching now!

  • John

    I can’t talk now! I’m trying to win this mofo!

  • Troy R Helton, Jr.

    1 -“Grasshopper, where one can work and play at the same time”
    2- “Foul Ball, your call!”
    3- “Clear as a bell, Grasshopper doesn’t dribble in my ear”
    4- “People pay to see Grasshopper in action”
    5- “Let’s play ball, give Grasshopper a call”
    6- “Running a business without Grasshopper is like playing Basketball without a hoop”
    7- NBA – Grasshopper, a Natural Business Asset –
    8- “A tisket, a tasket, watch me make this basket”
    9- “No, it’s illegal to drive & talk, not dribble & talk”
    10- “Yes officer, the entire crowds head looks like a basket ball that’s been dribbled on the floor too many times”
    11- Ok Mom, I’ve played enough and can’t keep up with the crowd so I’m going to bed” Yes, I’m hanging up!

  • S. Nigma

    ‘Coach, what’s the call?’

  • Jenn

    “No, I know what you mean. LeBron’s been a total praying mantis lately”

  • Becca

    “You think michael Jordan was impressive with his jump shot…HA prepare to have your mind blown”

  • Erik

    “Hi, just a little busy with a project at the moment but I can chat quick. What may I do for you?”

  • Jill Liberatore

    “Didn’t you know March Madness is a big deal? We need some seating for these folks, STAT!”

  • Daniel Himmelstein

    Wrong grasshopper. Try 1-800-820-8210.

  • Tyler

    Hey boss, do I dunk the ball or the phone?!

  • Victoria J

    *(fan)-What is he doing?
    I thimk he is using GRASSHOPPER while doing March Maddness!!!WOW!!!

    *(grasshopper)-Hey mom if I make this basket can you let me use my phone for work from GRASSHOPPER?

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