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  1. Customer Spotlight: Kimberfire

    by Published in The Hopper on

    This month’s customer spotlight is on Kimberfire, a diamond reseller. Ever hesitate to buy an item online because you don’t know what you’re going to get? With pricey shipping rates and iffy return policies, it’s tough to bite the bullet and buy something without seeing it. It’s especially scary to buy something that’s both expensive […]

  2. How 3 Companies Created Unforgettable Brands

    by Published in News & Updates on

    Search the dictionary and you’ll discover that the traditional definition for “brand” is that of a mark or symbol—in essence, a label. But in 2013, branding means way more than that! It’s your DNA- it’s what makes you who you are. All companies want to leave their mark on their industry, no matter their size. […]

  3. Need Inspiration? Read These Great Stories for Entrepreneurs

    by Published in News & Updates on

    It’s breathtakingly sunny outside, and yet here you are, locked away in your home office or co-working space. When you’re building a business, every moment counts, and brain breaks are a luxury. Yes, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the sun, but that’s days away after you’re past the next major product release or deadline. […]