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  1. The Grasshopper Outage: Co-Founders Response

    by Published in News & Updates on

    On Tuesday & Wednesday Grasshopper experienced a major outage unlike anything we’ve experienced since launching 8 years ago (For details please read the full explanation below). In short, we had major hardware failure and our disaster recovery systems that we’ve spent millions of dollars on did not work as designed. Although outages are inevitable with […]

  2. 4 Common Web Design Pitfalls & How to Remedy Them

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    This guest post is by Alex Stetson, a web marketer for Super Web-O-Matic; Webomatic is a Boston-based business that brings high-end web design to main street businesses in an affordable website package. So your business is up and running. You have customers, you’re getting calls but you aren’t getting as many leads from your website […]

  3. Spam Calls: How & Why They’re Happening

    by Published in News & Updates, Toll Free & Local Numbers, Virtual Office, Virtual PBX on

    Trust us, those calls aren’t from Grasshopper, and we’re working to stop the spam call issue. We hate spammers just as much as you do! We’ve received quite a few reports from customers about “Grasshopper spam calls,” which brought our attention to the growing problem of caller ID spoofing and robocalls. We want to take […]

  4. 5 Tips for the New Social Media Manager (or Kid)

    by Published in Customer Spotlights, Marketing & Brands, Small Business, Tips & Tricks on

    Guest Post This guest post is written by Gerry Praysman. Gerry is the resident Buzz Marketer at Brainshark, the leading provider of on-demand video presentations anytime, anywhere. The college graduation season is behind us and a fresh batch of wily youngsters is inundating the workforce. One of the fastest growing job opportunities today is in […]

  5. Does Grasshopper Work Outside of the United States?

    by Published in News & Updates, Tips & Tricks on

    We’ve been getting a lot of questions from people on Twitter lately wondering if you can use Grasshopper outside of the United States. Since this seems to be a popular topic, we thought it would be helpful to share this information with all of you. The short answer to everyone’s question is yes, but there are a few gray areas.

  6. How to Create a TiVo-Proof Ad

    by Published in Marketing & Brands, News & Updates on

    TiVo and DVRs have forever changed television advertising. With viewers now able to fast forward through commercials, companies need to create enticing ads that make us want to watch them. Personally, I only stop to watch a new Geico spot or something odd that makes me think “what was that?” as I fast forward through […]

  7. NEW Grasshopper Feature! Unlimited Voice to Text: View Your Voicemails

    by Published in News & Updates, Voicemail on

    Meetings. Conferences. Cars. What do they all have in common? They are all places you can’t always answer your phone. As an entrepreneur running your small business there is a lot of traveling, meetings and times you simply can’t take a phone call or listen to a voicemail. That’s why Grasshopper is excited to announce […]