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  1. 6 Happy-Making Tips From Stacy, Our Company Culture Queen

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    Hi, I’m Stacy! I’m the Office Manager here at Grasshopper. I’m the person you go to if you need help putting together a fun event, booking flights, shipping a package, or refilling food and snacks. I’m the unofficial “office mom!” It’s a super fun job that has lots of rewards, professionally and personally. I’m not […]

  2. Prab Achieves 11G Level of Certification!

    by Published in News & Updates on

    Today we’re celebrating Prab and his passing of the 11G certification test. Prab is our lead database administrator on our systems design team. For those of you who don’t know, this certification means that Prab has mastered all the features in the Oracle databases that Grasshopper uses. Congratulations, Prab! At Grasshopper, we want to provide the best […]

  3. A Day In The Life of Our Most Important Employee

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    We wanted to give our friends, followers, and customers a glimpse of what it’s like to be Gary, Grasshopper’s most important employee. Gary is responsible for insect relations, cricket connections, and entrepreneurial entomology. We decided to chart Gary’s workday from start to finish to give you a glimpse of what his life is like.

  4. Where In The World Is Grasshopper? April Events 2013

    by Published in Events, News & Updates on

    There are so many awesome events coming up in April where Grasshopper will be making an appearance. Where to begin?? In April, we’ll be at Less Conf, one of our favorite events of the year. We’ll also make a quick stop at Technori’s Growth Summit in Chicago and Technori’s Pitch LA event. We’re lucky enough […]