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  1. Your Top Secret Marketing Weapon: Words

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    This is a guest post by Wendy Keller, Literary Agent & Grasshopper customer. Looking for an inexpensive, easy way to attract and retain more customers?  The answer may be right on the tip of your tongue…or your fingers.  Entrepreneurs who leverage the power of language quickly discover that the very act of providing customers with […]

  2. From Employee to Entrepreneur: 6 Grasshopper Customers & Their Stories

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    Necessity isn’t always the mother of invention, especially when it comes entrepreneurship. It used to be that people who started their own companies were motivated by the idea of being their own boss. Now-a-days, that’s not always the case. Today people start businesses for all sorts of reasons, some even accidentally. In fact, the invention […]

  3. 7 Tips for Professionals to Stay Productive On-The-Go

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    This is a guest blog post by Innovatively Organized. It can be hectic working on-the-go! According to Gist, the mobile workforce is growing. In fact, “32% of employees globally now rely on more than one mobile device during the typical workday.” From processing emails on your mobile device to working out of your car to […]

  4. Customer Spotlight: Klury

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    This week’s customer spotlight is on Klury, a company started by father-daughter duo, Mandy and Bob Russell. Klury makes luxury, designer fashion items available to everyone, even those on the tightest of budgets. Since it’s April launch, Klury has been disrupting the consignment industry with their innovative approach to buying and selling your designer items. […]

  5. Overcome the Startup Stigma: 5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    This is a guest post by RightSignature, a popular web service that provides an easy, fast way to get any document filled out and signed online – contract, NDA, form, you name it. You have a dream. But no matter how brilliant your business idea, there is a dangerous ravine you need to cross in […]

  6. 5 Grasshopper Customers Are MassChallenge Finalists!

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    On Wednesday MassChallenge announced their 2012 Accelerator finalists.  Of the 125 finalists, 5 of them are Grasshopper customers! How cool is that? We’re very excited for them and can’t wait to see what these companies have in store. Over the next few months these startups will be working hard preparing their business and pitches for […]

  7. Customer Spotlight: Sensible Sitters

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    Today’s customer spotlight is on Sensible Sitters.  Sensible Sitters is a babysitter’s club turned small business, founded by Vanessa Wauchope. Vanessa started this company back in 2005 at the age of 22 when she saw an opportunity in the market to make a difference in the world of babysitting. How’d she do it? Let’s take […]

  8. 5 Reasons Why You Need a Budget for Your Small Business

    by Published in Customer Spotlights, Small Business on

    This is a guest post by Brad Farris.  Brad is a small business advisor with Anchor Advisors. Business owners are funny. So many of them claim to be too busy to create an annual budget, yet creating a budget could actually free up their time! But no, they’re too busy for that. And I sit […]

  9. Work for Yourself? You Work for Your Customers.

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    This is a guest post by Robi Ganguly, the co-founder and CEO of Apptentive. A few key takeaways: Know who your customers are. Engage with your customers and learn from them. Use the information you learn to achieve “Customer ESP.” Entrepreneurs often talk about their motivations behind starting a company and highlight their desire to […]