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  1. Video Marketing Tips from ZoomTilt: A Google Hangout

    by Published in Customer Spotlights, Marketing & Brands, Tips & Tricks on

    Video marketing is a new trend, and companies are putting together cool videos to put their brands on the map. Emma, our Content Marketing Specialist, hung out with Chris Bolman, CEO of ZoomTilt, to learn more about video marketing. ZoomTilt has a great platform for connecting companies with video producers. If you’re strapped for time, […]

  2. Overcome the Startup Stigma: 5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    This is a guest post by RightSignature, a popular web service that provides an easy, fast way to get any document filled out and signed online – contract, NDA, form, you name it. You have a dream. But no matter how brilliant your business idea, there is a dangerous ravine you need to cross in […]

  3. 4 Tips to Increase Your Productivity When You Work from Home

    by Published in Customer Spotlights, Tips & Tricks on

    Common among writers is the romantic vision of the lone author, working at home day and night on his or her masterpiece, who finally, upon completing it and seeing it published, is elevated to the status of a cultural icon. A true success story, right? These kinds of stories are lovely to read about and […]

  4. Crowdfunding is Here Today and It’s Perfect for Your Business

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    This is a guest post by Charlie Tribbett and Larry Baker, co-founders of Bolstr. Have you ever considered crowdfunding investment capital to grow your business? You may be thinking, “But, I thought that was only legal for creative projects looking for donations?” Sure, that used to be the case but it’s about to change in […]

  5. Startup At 17 – The Story of Jay Owen and Design Extensions

    by Published in Customer Spotlights, Entrepreneurship, Startup on

    “I remember reading an article on one of these computer-oriented, dial-in bulletin boards,” recalls Jay Owen, Founder and CEO of Design Extensions, “and it said this new thing is coming, and it’s going to be called the World Wide Web.” For Owen, it was a moment that would come to define his career.

  6. How Local Service Companies Use Grasshopper

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    If you’re constantly on-the-go while trying to run a business, you come across unique challenges that just don’t occur in an office. Construction, landscape, and service companies often have workers on the road, field calls from thousands of customers, and pay hefty price tags for offices. Dealing with that sounds like quite a challenge, doesn’t […]