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  1. The Rise and Necessity of Mompreneurs

    by Published in Women & Business on

    Perhaps this proverb says it best: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Women leaving their jobs to have children and opting to start their own business is a growing trend. Don’t mistake this for a short-lived fad like leg warmers and perms.  Today, mompreneurs play a strong and definitive role in the world of entrepreneurship. According […]

  2. Roundup: 20 Rockstar Startups with Awesome Female Founders, Part 1

    by Published in Women & Business on

    The startup scene is filled with some seriously cool business concepts that are redefining the future of tech. Women are an invaluable part of leading some of today’s coolest up-and-coming organizations, and they are driving innovation in some of the most creative ways imaginable. In celebration of the great minds, leadership and creativity of today’s […]

  3. Roundup: 20 More Rockstar Startups with Awesome Female Founders, Part 2

    by Published in Women & Business on

    From high tech to finance, medicine, and e-commerce, women have built some exceptional companies in all industries imaginable. “The particular qualities of women’s leadership take on a new significance and a new power in today’s world. I believe that the strengths women possess and the behaviors that set them apart will lead us forward in […]

  4. Round Up for Women: 9 Blogs to Grow Your Career

    by Published in Women & Business on

    The business world can be tough to navigate. You might be feeling lost, frustrated, or confused about new directions to pursue. That’s okay — it’s normal and there are plenty of resources out there to fuel your career advancement and help you cultivate your leadership skills. We know what you’re thinking, that type of reading is […]

  5. Top Woman Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

    by Published in Women & Business on

    Did you know March is Women’s History month? It’s true! And with 8.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S, accounting for more than $1.2 trillion in revenues and an estimated 15.3 million new jobs by 2018, we thought it was certainly worth celebrating. In honor of Women’s History month, we pulled together a must-follow list […]

  6. Boost Your Work Ethic to Impress Mom

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Women & Business on

    Your mom is, has been, and always will be your greatest mentor. When you’re down on your luck, she’s the person who cheers you on. When you’re at your most awesome, she’s your biggest fan. Where would you be without her? Nowhere. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re aware that life is […]

  7. Parenthood Redefined: The Enterprise of Mom Blogging

    by Published in Women & Business on

    More than 10 years ago, Heather Armstrong launched a blog to joke about pop culture, her job, and life as a single woman. As the years passed, she got married, had kids, suffered from extreme postpartum depression, dealt with broken washing machines, decorated her home, cleaned spit-up, changed diapers, and wrote about it all. Over […]

  8. Roundup: 20 Reads for Women Entrepreneurs, Part I

    by Published in Women & Business on

    According to one study from the Center for Women’s Business Research, approximately 40 percent of private businesses in the U.S. are women-owned. And many of these women are thriving beyond their careers. They’re having children, getting married, taking family vacations, and redefining the art of “having it all.” Any woman entrepreneur will tell you, however, that […]

  9. Are Women More Entrepreneurial than Men?

    by Published in Women & Business on

    A woman starts a business in the U.S. every 60 seconds. Just think how many women-led business ventures will launch while you read this post? That stat comes from Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, VP/managing director of the Apollo Research Institute and author of the upcoming book Women Lead (2013). She also notes that without women, the […]