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  1. Which Celebrity Would You Have Record Your Voicemail?

    by Published in Voicemail on

    This past week MTV teamed up with Justin Bieber for a campaign against digital abuse. The prize? A trip to MTV studios and a personalized voicemail greeting from the Biebs himself. For our Grasshopper blog readers, a voicemail greeting from a 16-year old pop star probably isn’t your ideal prize but it did get me […]

  2. How To Set Up a Voicemail System That Customers Will Actually Use

    by Published in Voicemail on

    Companies go to great lengths to set up voicemail systems they think customers will use. In many cases, however, that is more fantasy than reality. The sad fact is that many corporate voicemail systems are clumsy, irritating and confusing all at the same time. Rather than helping customers solve problems, they actually add dissatisfaction to […]

  3. 6 Infamous Phone and Voicemail Pranks

    by Published in Voicemail on

    Pranking strangers on the phone might seem to be an ages-old, adolescent-only pastime, but it turns out that adults (especially radio DJs) love the activity. Though prank calls of all degrees are capable of attaining hall-of-fame status, the best — and decidedly most epic — calls occur when a caller breaks through to a celebrity […]