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  1. Spam Calls: How & Why They’re Happening

    by Published in News & Updates, Toll Free & Local Numbers, Virtual Office, Virtual PBX on

    Trust us, those calls aren’t from Grasshopper, and we’re working to stop the spam call issue. We hate spammers just as much as you do! We’ve received quite a few reports from customers about “Grasshopper spam calls,” which brought our attention to the growing problem of caller ID spoofing and robocalls. We want to take […]

  2. 5 Unique Ways to Use a Virtual Phone System

    by Published in Virtual PBX on

    A virtual phone system puts all the great features of a traditional business phone system into the hands of small businesses and entrepreneurs like you, but without the high cost and maintenance. Today, businesses are using virtual phone systems to help them sound professional and stay connected when they’re on the go. But a virtual […]

  3. How to Use Your Virtual Phone System as a Lead Generation Machine

    by Published in Virtual PBX on

    Realtors are a super competitive bunch. They compete over properties, zip codes, and buyers. The stakes are high — it’s relatively easy to become a realtor, but hard to succeed. Those who succeed can make millions of dollars. The others die a slow and painful (business) death. Entrepreneurs face similar competitive dynamics. Developing products and […]

  4. 6 Amazing Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems for Any Entrepreneur

    by Published in Virtual PBX on

    Few business owners start off with a sleek corporate office and a full bank account (dreams don’t count). For most entrepreneurs, every hour is dedicated to growing their company and every dollar earned is reinvested. To survive, there’s no room for wasted time or expensive resources. That’s why small business owners everywhere are turning to […]

  5. 5 Ways to Save on Your Office Phone Bill

    by Published in Virtual PBX on

    Profits happen when your income exceeds the cost of doing business, and profits suffer when those costs bloat into an unmanageable “monthly nut.” Though large cost-cutting projects can make dramatic changes, one of the best ways to increase small-business profits is to look at your variable expenses: cleaning supplies, electricity, gasoline…and your phone bill. You […]

  6. Are Speech-to-Speech Translation Apps in Our Future?

    by Published in Virtual PBX on

    It’s easy to instantaneously translate text online. Just go to Google Translate and enter any sentence. Translating speech into different languages is now also easily possible on your iPhone or Android phones. But what about instantaneously translating speech and then sending it over the phone? Current speech translation apps take your spoken words and translate […]