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  1. The Distributed Workforce: Common Problems (And Fixes!)

    by Published in Virtual Office on

    The benefits of distributing your workforce using modern communications are many. Just ask a company like 37signals – they’ve got employees all over the world! A distributed workforce means a bigger labor pool, reduced costs, flexibility for employees, and an oddly counter-intuitive increase in productivity. Modern technology has allowed people to work from the Bahamas, their […]

  2. Is It Time to Move Out of The Home Office? How to Know

    by Published in Virtual Office on

    For the past few years, you’ve been living the dream others fantasize about– you’ve been working from home. Not only that, you’ve been building a successful business—taking client phone calls in your pajamas, surfing the web at your leisure, and enjoying the morning commute from your bed to your desk. You’re not just working from […]

  3. What’s the ROI of a Phone Call? Track It!

    by Published in Small Business, Virtual Office on

    As a small business owner, marketer, or startup founder, you are well-acquainted with the value of data and analytics. When you run campaigns on and offline, you implement robust tracking tools to evaluate the value of every dollar spent. But what happens when people call you? How can you track that? Trust us — your […]

  4. 10 Real Life Home Offices (Photos!)

    by Published in Small Business, Virtual Office on

    Plenty of today’s professionals work from home, but what do their offices actually look like? We weren’t sure of the answer, so we began to collect images from friends, customers, and members of the Grasshopper team. Now, we’ve compiled 10 real life home offices to show the spaces where people work, learn, and grow. 1. […]

  5. Not Between The Couch Cushions- Where Is My Phone!?

    by Published in Tips & Tricks, Virtual Office on

    It’s not in the car or at the office. It’s not between the couch cushions. You’re sure that Fluffy didn’t eat it. It isn’t swimming in the toilet. OMG, where the h is your p? Losing your cell phone is a real nightmare. It’s annoying, inconvenient, and stressful. If you’re a small business owner, the […]

  6. Five Apps for Mobile Entrepreneurs

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Virtual Office on

    Many of us—particularly those who don’t travel for business a lot—have a certain admiration for business travelers and mobile entrepreneurs. In fact, we often see frequent fliers as globe-trotting, jet-setting professional vagabonds. But traveling for business is becoming more common, as many of today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners spend much of their time on-the-go. That […]

  7. Spam Calls: How & Why They’re Happening

    by Published in News & Updates, Toll Free & Local Numbers, Virtual Office, Virtual PBX on

    Trust us, those calls aren’t from Grasshopper, and we’re working to stop the spam call issue. We hate spammers just as much as you do! We’ve received quite a few reports from customers about “Grasshopper spam calls,” which brought our attention to the growing problem of caller ID spoofing and robocalls. We want to take […]

  8. The Good, Bad, and Indifferent on the ‘Work From Home’ Debate

    by Published in Startup, Virtual Office on

    Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, recently announced that the company’s employees must shut the doors to their at-home offices and bring their briefcases to the headquarters. Ever since, the ‘net has been buzzing with opinions, surveys, and questions about working from home. We have a lot of customers, friends, and employees who work from home, […]

  9. Work From Home? These Experts Gave Us Tips

    by Published in Virtual Office on

    Technology’s ability to provide instant communication allows employees to work remotely, checking in via email and IM with bosses, colleagues, and clients. Many of our customers work from home, and so do others around the country, including a few of our team members. Working remotely offers flexibility and the ability to decide what your workplace […]