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Toll Free & Local Numbers

  1. Toll Free Numbers: What You Need to Know

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    No matter what market your company is in, every legitimate business needs a way for their customers to contact them. When you start out small, you can often get away with using your local office line, but as you expand, add departments, and grow your customer base, the front desk phone may not be enough to handle your needs. This is when it makes sense to get a toll free number and begin taking phone calls like the big boys of the industry. The following guide to toll free numbers explains how to go about getting a catchy, custom number for a reasonable price.

  2. 10 Facts About 800 Numbers You May Not Know

    by Published in Small Business, Toll Free & Local Numbers on

    This post was originally published back in February, but we thought it would be worthwhile to share it with you all again.  People are oftentimes a little confused about how 800 numbers work, or if they are different than 888 or 866 numbers.  While we have a FAQ section on our site you could check […]

  3. The Art of Picking the Perfect Vanity Number

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    If your company does business via phone or uses display advertising, a vanity toll-free number is a must. Expecting rushed viewers to remember a random 10 digit string is simply unreasonable, and relying on this could destroy the bottom line. However, not all of these numbers are created equally. While any vanity number is certainly […]

  4. Local Numbers Have Benefits Too Ya Know

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    The first thought that comes to your head when you hear the term “virtual phone system” is probably not “local numbers.” You’ve heard us talk all about the benefits 800 numbers offer, but what about local numbers? They can do more for your business than many people realize. Local numbers make your customers feel more […]

  5. Using Grasshopper for Your Real Estate Company

    by Published in Marketing & Brands, Small Business, Tips & Tricks, Toll Free & Local Numbers on

      In today’s society, people are working less in the office and therefore the need for a virtual phone system is growing. One industry where this is especially true is Real Estate. Based on feedback from customers in the real estate business, here are a few ways Grasshopper can help: 1) Informational Extensions You can […]