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  1. 5 Tips for Learning to Love an Angry Customer

    by Published in Small Business, Startup on

    This is a guest post by Stefanie Amini, Marketing Director at WalkMe. In a perfect world, all customers would be content and satisfied. In reality, you will come across customers who are angry, upset, and frustrated. As a small business owner, it’s pretty important to learn how to handle this anger. If you can’t handle dissatisfaction, […]

  2. 11 News Sources for Entrepreneurs

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Startup on

    Entrepreneurs on the hunt for the latest news should look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 11 great news sources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Check out our SlideShare to find out which 11 companies will give you the coolest news on 3D printing, hot new companies, and Mark Zuckerberg’s latest moves.

  3. Swedish Fish, a Moleskine, and The Ultimate Startup Kit

    by Published in Startup, Tips & Tricks on

    This is a guest post from Lyn Graft (LG), entrepreneur, storyteller, and producer. Editor’s Note: We connected with LG because of a tweet he sent us about his perfect startup kit. We got in touch, and LG was kind enough to expand on his idea, resulting in this awesome blog post! Redbull, Grasshopper & a […]

  4. For Students, By Students. Tips From a Young Entrepreneur [Interview with Alex Hoffman]

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Startup, Tips & Tricks on

    Alex Hoffman, co-founder and principal of Dormestics, a student-run storage company, sat down with us to talk about starting a business in college. Here’s what Alex told us: Life presents opportunities – take them! Google is your friend College businesses should be cool, practical, and affordable Lessons learned while building a business will follow you forever

  5. Strategic Partnerships (Don’t Worry – It’s Just People Helping People!)

    by Published in Small Business, Startup on

    Strategic partnerships – what a uniform, institutional, and uninspiring phrase! Kind of conjures up images of flickering florescent lights in cramped offices or an overly chlorinated public pool – either way, it’s unpleasant. Luckily, at its core, the strategic partnership is really just about people helping people. “Strategic alliances can deliver significant benefits to startups […]

  6. 5 Communication Solutions for Small Business Owners

    by Published in Startup, Tips & Tricks on

    Whether you’re reaching out to customers or confirming details with a trusted staff member, communication is the lifeblood of any business. You already send emails and make phone calls, but you might be surprised at what other kinds of tools are available to help make that communication easy and effective. Check out our list of […]