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  1. 10 Real Life Home Offices (Photos!)

    by Published in Small Business, Virtual Office on

    Plenty of today’s professionals work from home, but what do their offices actually look like? We weren’t sure of the answer, so we began to collect images from friends, customers, and members of the Grasshopper team. Now, we’ve compiled 10 real life home offices to show the spaces where people work, learn, and grow. 1. […]

  2. Entrepreneurship in the U.S. is Alive and Well! [Stats]

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Small Business on

    When the economy is in a lull, it’s natural to get anxious and concerned over our homes, jobs, and livelihoods, especially when our businesses are on the line. It’s scary to get started when the economic situation is dire. Despite struggles over the past few years, U.S. rates of entrepreneurship are at an all time […]

  3. 5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Support Team

    by Published in Small Business, Tips & Tricks on

    This is a guest post by Dan Reidmiller, Creative Director at College Hunks Hauling Junk. Ever call a company and instantly get hit with an automated recording? Ever wait a few seconds only to realize that it’s actually a human being reading a script? There’s nothing worse than dialing a call center and talking to […]

  4. 5 Tips for Learning to Love an Angry Customer

    by Published in Small Business, Startup on

    This is a guest post by Stefanie Amini, Marketing Director at WalkMe. In a perfect world, all customers would be content and satisfied. In reality, you will come across customers who are angry, upset, and frustrated. As a small business owner, it’s pretty important to learn how to handle this anger. If you can’t handle dissatisfaction, […]

  5. 11 News Sources for Entrepreneurs

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Startup on

    Entrepreneurs on the hunt for the latest news should look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 11 great news sources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Check out our SlideShare to find out which 11 companies will give you the coolest news on 3D printing, hot new companies, and Mark Zuckerberg’s latest moves.

  6. 6 Happy-Making Tips From Stacy, Our Company Culture Queen

    by Published in News & Updates, Small Business, Tips & Tricks on

    Hi, I’m Stacy! I’m the Office Manager here at Grasshopper. I’m the person you go to if you need help putting together a fun event, booking flights, shipping a package, or refilling food and snacks. I’m the unofficial “office mom!” It’s a super fun job that has lots of rewards, professionally and personally. I’m not […]

  7. Strategic Partnerships (Don’t Worry – It’s Just People Helping People!)

    by Published in Small Business, Startup on

    Strategic partnerships – what a uniform, institutional, and uninspiring phrase! Kind of conjures up images of flickering florescent lights in cramped offices or an overly chlorinated public pool – either way, it’s unpleasant. Luckily, at its core, the strategic partnership is really just about people helping people. “Strategic alliances can deliver significant benefits to startups […]

  8. Is Your Payroll Too Old School?

    by Published in Marketing & Brands, Small Business, Tips & Tricks on

    This is a guest post by Sara Rosenfeld of WaveApps Running a company frequently means becoming a jack-of-all-trades. Unfortunately, small business owners often become so busy in the day-to-day operations of their business that they don’t take the time to test out new tools that could result in significant time and cost savings. If you’re […]