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  1. The Spreadable Story: Why We Shut Down a Business That Was Making Money & Getting New Customers Every Day (Part IV)

    by Published in Marketing & Brands, Startup on

    In the last and final piece, we will explore some of the marketing lessons we learned and why we eventually decided to shut down Spreadable. Marketing Learning The Grasshopper product has gotten to a place where we get a very predictable return relative to the number of marketing dollars we spend.  With that mindset, we […]

  2. What Are The Best Countries To Outsource Your IT Requirements To?

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Startup on

    Outsourcing IT projects to other parts of the world has become a very popular way to save money for many businesses. Over $300 billion worth of projects are outsourced abroad every year; most are IT related. Outsourcing is becoming increasingly more popular and complex. Before you outsource your projects, you should consider which countries it […]

  3. The Spreadable Story: Why We Shut Down a Business That Was Making Money & Getting New Customers Every Day (Part II)

    by Published in Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Brands, Startup on

    This is the second part in our four-part Spreadable post mortem. In the second part, we will explore the development of the app along with a few mistakes we made in the midst of it. See Part I. Version 1.0 We assumed that because Grasshopper’s referral program worked so well, it would easily port over […]

  4. The Grasshopper Outage: Co-Founders Response

    by Published in News & Updates on

    On Tuesday & Wednesday Grasshopper experienced a major outage unlike anything we’ve experienced since launching 8 years ago (For details please read the full explanation below). In short, we had major hardware failure and our disaster recovery systems that we’ve spent millions of dollars on did not work as designed. Although outages are inevitable with […]