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  1. Tracking ROI with 800 Numbers

    by Published in Marketing & Brands, Toll Free & Local Numbers on

    Here at Grasshopper, we’ve done a LOT of marketing. We’ve run TV ads, radio commercials, pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, banner ads and so on and so forth. It’s a lot to keep track of! How do we know which ones are working and which ones aren’t? The good news is many of these campaigns can […]

  2. 13 Amazing Tools We Use Every Day

    by Published in Entrepreneurship on

    For those of you who don’t know, this week is Global Entrepreneurship Week.  In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week, this week’s content will be focused entirely on entrepreneurship. We’re kicking the week off with the tools we, as entrepreneurs, can’t live without. Did you know Grasshopper has over 35 full-time employees? It’s true! There are […]

  3. Free Accounts for Hurricane-Affected Businesses

    by Published in News & Updates, Toll Free & Local Numbers on

    If you are a business affected by Hurricane Irene, we’d love to provide you with a free three-month Grasshopper account to help you keep your business open and connected (for existing customers, we will credit your account for 3 months, maximum credit $150). You can be set up in five minutes, have incoming calls forwarded […]

  4. Staples Says Telecommuting Boosts Productivity

    by Published in Virtual Office on

    Would you believe that 40% of telecommuters would rather take a pay cut then stop telecommuting? According to a recent survey from Staples Advantage, the B2B division of Staples, telecommuters “feel and work better” than those who work in an actual office. They’re happier, healthier and according to 86% of them, more productive.