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Allison Canty

Community Engagement Manager, Grasshopper

Allison Canty is the Customer Engagement Manager at Grasshopper, the entrepreneur's phone system. Allison likes happy customers, human brands, shopping, deals, treats, sour patch kids & UMASS.

  1. Customer Spotlight: Denver’s Moving Boxes

    by Published in Customer Spotlights on

    This month’s customer spotlight is on Denver’s Moving Boxes, a company that rents and delivers eco-friendly, stackable, plastic boxes as an alternative to cardboard boxes. If you’ve ever had to move before you probably know how painful and expensive the whole process can be…especially when it comes to packing and let’s not forget, the dreaded, […]

  2. Cupid Is Lovin’ You: 3 Ways To Make Your Business Lovable

    by Published in Marketing & Brands on

    Cupid shoots arrows into the hearts of lovers, but rumor has it he’s also out to get businesses.  This Valentine’s Day, make your company a target.  You might run a construction company, a growing startup, or be a reseller of coffee mugs.  It doesn’t matter what your product is, if you follow our tips, there […]

  3. The Best Words of Advice for Non-Technical Founders

    by Published in Entrepreneurship on

    Never touched a line of code? No worries — you’re still an asset to your business. Somebody needs to find customers, negotiate strategic partnerships, fuel marketing momentum, and build funding streams. That person is you. As valuable as you are to your business, however, it’s easy to feel discouraged. “Hackers are the magicians of the start-up […]