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A Day In The Life of Our Most Important Employee

We wanted to give our friends, followers, and customers a glimpse of what it’s like to be Gary, Grasshopper’s most important employee. Gary is responsible for insect relations, cricket connections, and entrepreneurial entomology.

We decided to chart Gary’s workday from start to finish to give you a glimpse of what his life is like.

Gary comes in to the office at 9 AM.

Before Gary can start doing any work, he absolutely needs his cup of coffee. (He was up late last night at a networking event. He met a praying mantis with some awesome mobile ideas).

After Gary gets coffee, he can really get to work. He prepares for his meeting with Kamal, Business Intelligence Analyst, to discuss call center stats.

When he gets back to his desk, he finds an email from Taylor Aldredge, Grasshopper’s Ambassador of Buzz.

This isn’t the first time Gary’s missed a meeting with Taylor. In fear, Gary hides himself in the grass.

Taylor is cunning and finds Gary, but they talk it out and become friends again. To celebrate their happy co-working, they go for a ride together on the beer cart.

“Weeeeeeeeeee,” says Gary.

Gary ditches Taylor for a game of pool. He’s been playing well lately, schooling everyone in the office.

We’re not sure how, but Gary ends up in the pocket!

Now, Gary feels it’s time to get back to work, but hunger takes over.


Yum. For dessert, Gary really wants candy. He loves the Starbursts that Allison brings in.

Uh oh. Janet’s such a practical joker! GARY IS TRAPPED.

Janet tells Gary she’ll only release him if he gets back to work. Gary agrees, and starts doing some market research.

Emma, Content Marketing Specialist, spies Gary out of the corner of her eye and assumes he’s reading about SEO. The two argue about what should be posted on the blog, and agree to solve the dispute through a game of tic tac toe (Emma wins).

Before getting back to work, quick selfie!!!!

Gary has to leave Emma for his one-on-one meeting with Darren. Mostly, Darren praises Gary’s work, but he notes that he is often distracted, and should probably spend more time at his desk. Darren bends Gary in all sorts of confusing directions!

So, Gary takes Darren’s advice and goes to check out what Scott’s doing. Scott’s writing code for the website. Gary pretends he understands tech jargon, but most of it is beyond him.

Gary finishes up the day by making a few copies.

Wow. What an exhausting, tiring day. Gary feels he’s put in enough work, and hunkers down at the company TV. He turns on Mean Girls 2, and feels at ease.

After finishing up the movie, Gary goes home. He’ll need a long night of rest to get ready for tomorrow. Before he goes, he poses with the Grasshopper sign because he loves his company more than anything in the world!

Note: Gary is not a real Grasshopper employee. We’ve tried to hire him many times, but are prevented by insect labor laws. If Gary were an ant, we might stand a chance, as laws surrounding ant employment are much less strict.

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