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13 Awesome Mobile Apps for a Virtual Office

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you know that we here at Grasshopper are big proponents of working in a virtual office. It can be a smart and cost-efficient way to start a business and we’ve given tips on everything from “Setting up your virtual office” to “Balancing life in a virtual office”. Well we’ve got one more.

With over 300,000 apps available in 2010 and more being created every day, there are a number of really great apps…especially for those working in a virtual office! So here we go:


At Grasshopper Group, we have team members in Boston, Austin, San Francisco, North Carolina, Oregon and even Brazil. It’s important that everyone is on the same page and we’re able to reach one another when necessary. A couple of apps we keep handy for chat:

Files & Collaboration

Have you ever spent hours putting together a doc only to find that you saved it on a different computer? Or asked for feedback from someone and were forced to email it back and forth, forgetting which doc was the right one? Me too. The great thing about these apps is that they let you store files & collaborate with others from ANYWHERE.

To do Lists/Notes

When you’re building a business there are a million things you want and need to do. If you’re like me, you need lists and notes and are constantly reminding yourself of new things. Whether you’re on the go, or even just sitting in front of the TV, you need a way to quickly jot things down. Well there’s an app for that:

Time Tracking

When are you really into what you are doing, it’s easy to lose track of time. It’s even easier when are you aren’t in an office. Whether you are a consultant tracking your hours or an entrepreneur just trying to figure out how long things are taking, it’s nice to be able to track that time. There are a few good time tracking apps that can help:


How many passwords do you have? Do you even know? Personally, I have two spreadsheets (one work, one personal) each containing multiple tabs. Wouldn’t it be easier if I had them all in one place, and it was handy? Here are a couple password keeping apps:


When you have several teammates working in a virtual office, it can be hard to keep track of one another, especially if you are travelling. When does their flight land? What time are they coming back? With all the travel apps coming out, knowing these things is much easier.

With all of the new apps on the market and the new ones on the way, working in a virtual office has never been easier. Which apps are your must haves?

  • Jim Williams

    We’re using LumoFlow for collaboration which has a pretty neat mobile site as well:


  • Casey Pankonien

    I use reqall for jotting quick todos. It transcribes voice as well which is handy when driving. Links to Evernote (finds related items).

  • Alison

    Dropbox ( is another must-have. I use it to access work and home files online and across all of my computers and iPhone.

  • Travis

    You need a grasshopper app. It is way to difficult to check my voice mail on the go. I think this would be a huge must for grasshopper.

  • Allison Canty

    Hi Travis – we agree! It is currently in development and we expect to release it in Q1.

  • Michael

    Quarter 1 is done and done, where’s the app? :)

    • Casie Gillette

      Hey Michael thanks for commenting! It’s actually being tested internally right now and plan to launch the beta test soon. Feel free to shoot an email to social(at)grasshopper(dot)com if you want to be included.

  • Tyler

    Still no app???????? When can we expect it?? It’s Been in “testing” for several months now….

  • Kris

    I really, really, really hope the app is developed so that I can make outbound calls from my mobile but display my grasshopper number (like Google Voice).

  • Luis

    Or at least an app to change basic settings such as forwarding options, anything yet? If you don’t have plans to do something like this I would recommend making your API available for other people to program the app.

  • Joe

    When is the app coming already??

  • Allison Canty

    Hi Joe – the app is currently in beta and we expect to release it this quarter!

  • abdullah

    what about Android im ready to convert into grasshopper when its ready


    • Allison Canty

      Hi Abdullah – It’s on our roadmap but at this time we don’t have a release date just yet for it.

  • Mike

    Would love to switch over and start using Grasshopper. The ONLY thing holding me back is the lack of Android App/Support. All of our employees are using android, not ONE iphone.

    BRG News says “Android smartphones continue to dominate the market, increasing 1.4 percentage points and accounting for 49.3% of all smartphone sales, compared to the iPhone’s market share, which fell from 44.6% to 43.7%.”

    Yet still no app/support.

    • Emma Siemasko

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment. We’re aware of the prevalence of Android, and we’ve got an app on our road map.


  • Matt

    I was going to register my organization with Grasshopper until I noticed there was no Android app. I’ll take my business to the competition. A year and a half of constant assurance that there is an app but not actually releasing it is stupid. Seriously how much longer do you need?

    • Emma Siemasko

      Hi Matt,

      The Android app is in the works. We’re not comfortable releasing it until were 100% satisfied with it. Totally understand you not wanting to go with us until we have one. If you’d like we can take your email and add you to our list so that when the app is ready you can be one of the first to check it out. If you’re interested, email us at social(at)grasshopper(dot)com and we’ll get your name on the list!


  • Dan

    I don’t get what is up with companies developing iPhone apps and not Android apps.

    How many developers are working on it? I helped a company get a very good app out in 3 months, on both platforms.

    If you read this article, you will see there are far more Android users than iPhone:

    I just don’t get it. I just now signed up for Grasshopper and will have to cancel. It didn’t even cross my mind that you wouldn’t have an Android app.


  • Sam

    Please create a Grasshopper for Android app.

  • Lars

    It may be that i’m an outlier, but as a developer it sends a red flag that so many of your listed solutions in this post are closed-source, and worse, require the use of the walled-garden iphone. i hope that grasshopper will see the long-term benefits of supporting and promoting open-source technologies.

    also, fwiw, i was unable to download the android app to my htc one, even after following the laborious multi-step process to get it. using three different browsers, the link from the beta-tester community page gave a 404. [edit: it was necessary to use my phone’s default “internet” app to get to the install page (chrome, firefox, & play store couldn’t find it). of course, even once i got to the install link it wouldn’t install! i give up. ]

    all the same, besides that you all seem to be gaga about the iphone, and the lack of an android app, i’m a big fan of grasshopper. faxes? upload your own hold music? awesome! :)

    • Emma Siemasko

      Hi Lars, Thanks for the comments. We do support open-source technologies– this is just a blog post with some of the apps our customers might find helpful.

      We’re doing our best to build an Android app that satisfies developers like you! Regarding the Android app: I looked for your name in our beta community group and couldn’t find it. The link won’t work unless you join this group, so maybe that’s what the problem is. If you join the group and it won’t work, please send me a note at and I’ll personally see what I can do.

  • Moty Israeli

    When will your Android app be available in Israel ?
    PlayStore says the app is not compatible with my Samsung Note 4 device :(

    • Emma Siemasko

      Hi there, thanks for the comment. The app is still in beta, so I can’t give you a firm date on when the android app will be available for you. I’m sorry! :-(

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