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10 Blogs Entrepreneurs Need to Be Reading

See the 2012 edition: 10 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs (2012 Edition)

#1.  The Toilet Paper Entrepreneurtpentrepreneur


What it is:

Mike Michalowicz provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with tips on everything from starting a business to networking to marketing and health care.

Why you should read it:

Mike not only provides great tips but he provides great tips from REAL people.  All of the blogs on the Toilet  Paper Entrepreneur are essentially written by peers and those who have been there.  It is a great blog and certainly provides unique perspectives all on things entrepreneur.

#2.  Small Business Trends smallbiztrends



What it is:

Written by a panel of small business owners, the site offers tips and advice on everything business related.  Need a recommendation on finance software?  They probably have it.  Want to know how small businesses can use social media and search?  They have that too.

Why you should read it:

Small business trends really covers EVERYTHING!  Aside from the main blog, they do radio interviews, have Webinar Wednesdays and write genuinely interesting articles.  They may have also featured Grasshopper a few times so we may be partial.

#3.  Young Entrepreneuryoung entrepreneur



What it is:

Run by two brothers, Matthew and Adam Toren, Young Entrepreneur is exactly what it sounds like; a site dedicated to young entrepreneurs.

Why you should read it:

Between blog posts, forums, polls and interviews with other small business owners, the site offers fantastic content.  Find blog posts on starting a business, marketing a business, sales, creating a website, search and much more.  These guys are also responsible for Blogtrenepreur, another teriffic entrepreneurial blog.

#4.  Web Worker Dailyweb worker daily



What it is:

Web Worker Daily is dedicated to providing tips and advice for those using the web for work…well, obviously.  This site offers advice for small businesses and anyone on the web really.  Interested in the latest app developed for bookkeeping?  They have it.  Want to be more efficient in your daily routine?  They certainly can help you there!

Why you should read it:

Web Worker Daily is definitely one of my favorite blogs when it comes to business and the web.  They speak to everyone, offer interesting and succinct posts and do a great job of keeping up with and informing others of the latest technologies.

#5.  Women Entrepreneurwomen entrepreneur



What it is:

Run by the same company that developed Entrepreneur Magazine and, Women Entrepreneur is dedicated to helping women in business.  From articles outlining sales strategies to blogs dedicated to women over 55, the site has something for everyone.

Why you should read it:

Written for women by women, the site offers advice you can relate to and be confident in. Plus, I have to say my favorite part is the success stories section.

#6.  Peter Shankmanpeter shankman



What it is:

Best known for HARO, Peter Shankman is a successful entrepreneur who provides great and often hilarious tips to other entrepreneurs, particularly in the area of social media and marketing.

Why you should read it:

#7.  Startup Nationstartup nation



What it is:

One of the top resources for entrepreneurs, Startup Nation offers everything you could need: tips and advice, forums, networking, podcasts, contests and more.  The great part is, the blog is written by entrepreneurs, so they certainly know what they are talking about when it comes to do’s and don’ts.

Why you should read it:

With over 5 years worth of content the site easily has over 2000 articles covering a wide range of topics useful to small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Running a business, marketing, business planning…they even have a category called ‘Life Planning‘!

#8.  Small Biz Technologysmall biz technology



What it is:

Small Biz Technology is exactly that; a site dedicated to providing small businesses with news, tips and analysis on the latest technology.  They cover software, the web, phone apps and a whole lot in between.

Why you should read it:

Not only is it interesting to see how companyies are using the latest technologies but SBT offers unbiased reviews of products and lets you know if/how they can benefit your company.

#9.  Duct Tape Marketingduct tape marketing



What it is:

Duct Tape Marketing is one of the best small business marketing blogs out there.  Written by John Jantsch, the blog provides tips on email marketing, blogging, social media, branding, search and so much more.  There is also an article section with some truly great articles from various authors.

Why you should read it:

Along with the blog, Duct Tape Marketing has articles, resources, podcasts, various products and workshops to help small businesses improve marketing. The posts are easy to read, right to the point and provide readers with some great insight into online marketing that they may not be aware of.

#10.  Entrepreneur.comentrepreneur com



What it is: is probably the premiere site when it comes to entrepreneur articles and advice.  Covering everything from starting a business to finance to sales and management, you will definitely find anything you need on this site.

Why you should read it:

The site can be overwhelming since there is so much info but the great thing is you can subscribe to a specific topic or blog through your RSS reader.  They also have a community section where you can connect and talk with other entrepreneurs.


While I didn’t add them to my top ten, I would also be sure to check out Zappos and Seth Godin’s Blog.  What other entrepreneur blogs are on the must read list?

  • Fabián Herrera

    I agree good choice of fabulous blogs



  • Casie Gillette

    Hey Denny –

    We have the add this RSS button at the top of the page. Should give you the feed.

  • Jack Berger

    Most of these are daily reads, but thanks for the extras that I’m now adding to my RSS reader. Shankman in particular is able to dish up some amazing advice while wrapping the story around a personal experience. One of the best reads out there.

  • Steven

    Great list. Duck tape is full of useful stuff. The only problem is it can be hard to get around and there is a lot of repitition but if you have a bit of time you will find a lot of useful info there

  • Mark

    Definitely a resourceful list.

    Been looking at a bunch of VCs who blog on business as well, they tend to be pretty useful. Not to mention Harvard Business Review.

  • Caleb Storkey

    Thanks for the list Casie… There’s so many great resources available now and you’ve pulled out some great blogs there. Please keep your eye out for my blog for next year 😉 lol. Thanks again.

  • Mrs. Entrepreneur

    Thanks for the list. I love keeping up to date on the best of the entrepreneur life!

  • Bill Trasolini

    That is a great resourceful list of blogs! Another blog I read quite frequently is



  • Adam Hoeksema

    Would love to throw in my own blog – to the list. We focus on a relatively smaller niche related to helping entrepreneurs raise capital. We provide free ebooks, templates, examples, articles, and videos on topics like How to Write an Executive Summary and How to Craft an Elevator Pitch.

    This is a great list, and I hope to make it here one day. Thanks for your work.

  • Casie Gillette

    Thanks for all of the comments!

    @steven – agreed, I use a reader to sort through all my blogs.

    @caleb – will definitely check it out :)

    @bill – Yes! that is a good one, thanks for adding!

    @adam – good link and I’m sure others will find your site helpful.

  • Rudy De La Garza

    These blogs all offer useful information for the budding entrepreneur. Anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur should read everything about starting a business they can get their hands on and talk to as many entrepreneurs as they can. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. That is how you learn. And don’t be afraid to fail because each failure is just another opportunity towards success.

  • Agata Klein

    This is a great list! Thanks for putting this all together. I have put you onto my Facebook fan page:, and have you on Twitter and my Facebook as well. Cheers!

  • Christina

    Great list! Thanks! I’m just starting a business and a blog about starting that business with a few friends and this comes in very handy as we can use all the tipps and suggestions we can get :)

  • Jerry

    Great list. Filled in a few gaps.

  • Dalia

    Great article and advices! since i have a home based business that is taking off, this comes very handy!!


  • Jill Salzman

    What about Seth Godin’s blog? (A must-read.) Or Rashmi Sinha’s? Or Smartbrief’s Smartblog? Some of the bigger companies don’t speak to the budding entrepreneur like these do.

  • Adam W. Warner

    This is a great list Casie. I’ve been following many of these sites and have received a lot of valuable information and guidance through the years for my own businesses.

    Regarding Jill’s comment above, I work with budding entrepreneurs and small businesses often who are trying to build their brands and companies online. Alone and without much capital.

    At the risk of sounding like blatant self-promotion, I’d invite your readers to visit the link in my signature if they feel they fit into the category of being motivated to build their own business websites, but aren’t sure exactly where to start. I offer free tutorials and training on WordPress. My intention is to empower individuals to create their own futures and to make it as easy as possible by sharing what I’ve learned through my years working with the software.

  • Michael Welsh

    Great list! Adding the ones I didn’t have – Shankman for sure. Thanks. Agree with the comments – Seth Godin’s is a good resource, but would add Chris Brogan’s and Zen Habits.

  • habanero

    GREAT websites (LOVE Duct Tape Marketing). We are a startup and need all the help we can get!!! Thanks for taking time to post these!

  • Creative Girl

    Thanks for posting all of these links. As someone that is involved in creating things for people–it’s good to be in the know with different websites. I really like young entrepreneur–it’s a great site. Thanks again.

  • Allison Canty

    Glad to hear you found this beneficial! Thanks for the comment!

  • jim

    Great list – Entrepreneur is my favorite. thank for list but I will definitely check out the others.

  • Maria Leary

    Startup Nation is a regular blog I enjoy reading. Some of the others I haven’t come across before. I think I’ll have a closer look at a few.

  • Darren

    Great list. We read most of them already… also read David Mercer’s (He’s the author of the Drupal books) blog at for an oftentimes more technical look at starting up a web business.

  • Justin Romack

    I find myself humbled and inspired by Seth Godin’s insight – glad you mention him in this post, even if his blog didn’t make it on to the list.

  • David Frey –

    Great post.

    I picked up a few blogs that I didn’t know about.

    Thanks for researching this list for us.

  • ian

    Don’t forget!

  • Karla

    Wonderful list! I have been reading Women Entrepreneur for the last few weeks and have found it inspiring and full of great resources. I will be sure to give your other suggestions more than a once over. Thank you!

  • Jaskemann

    Wow. I only read a few of them so far and I am extremely happy. Thanks this list is a wealth of knowledge, Thanks.


  • Bruce

    I used to love the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur but haven’t been there in ages, thanks for the reminder. I prefer all the sites for the little guys who are trying to move ahead in their own businesses, over the sites meant for the bigger companies which are of zero value to little guys… like me.

  • Robert

    Fantastic list. Thanks for the post.

    • Allison Canty

      Thanks Robert! Let us know what you think of them and feel free to add to the list.

  • Dave has some good info as well.

  • JL

    Great list. I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to this post every now and then.

    • Allison Canty

      Thanks JL – we hope so! Feel free to add to the list if you come across any other good ones.

  • Bill Dougherty

    I’ve got some reading to do. Thank you.

  • Nathan McCoy

    I especially like some of the names here, like Duct Tape and Toilet Paper. Another one to check out is Thanks for the great phone product Grasshopper.

  • Pope

    Thanks for putting the list together. I thought the Young Entrepreneur blog was particularly useful.

  • David

    Hay guys,

    An amazing list. I knew of only 3 of them and am looking forward to delving into the rest. Cheers……


  • Peeko

    Great list – really like Young Entrepreneur – following them on LinkedIn now so I don’t miss anything good!

  • Mateus Suban


    Thanks for putting the list together,..

  • larry

    Nice list. Great resource for the inspiring as well as the seasoned entrepreneur.

  • indrajeet


  • Paige

    I think its super important for prospective entrepreneurs to absorb as much information as possible from as many sources as possible!

  • (@TechChangers)

    I would also suggest are a technology startup blog focused on delivering the latest new businesses around the world as well as news about investments and general tips about starting up a tech business. Check it out!

    • Emma Siemasko

      Thanks for sharing. We’ll be sure to take a look.

  • Toko Obat SB

    nice ! Thanks for sharing

  • satheesh wilson

    that was a wonderful list!

  • Ryan Biddulph


    Tremendous resource! I follow a few but not religiously….time to ramp up my reading sked.


    Thanks for sharing!


    • Emma Siemasko

      Let us know which ones are your favorite :)

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