SEO & Content for Your Business

Whether you're a brick and mortar business or online business, Search Engine Optimization and Content are marketing tactics you need to know about. This course will teach you the best steps to marketing your business online.

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Course Syllabus – 7 Lessons

  • Lesson 1 Setting Up Your Website Learn how to set up your business website. Important topics covered include hiring a designer or doing it yourself, how to register your website domain, and which online payment methods you should consider.
  • Lesson 2 Optimizing Your Website for the Best Search Results Confused on how to optimize your website? This lesson will help! Learn what to improve on-page and off the page.
  • Lesson 3 SEO Do’s & Don’ts: Black Hat vs. White Hat Tactics This lesson will provide examples of SEO tactics that you should and shouldn't do. We also cover what you should do if you are penalized.
  • Lesson 4 Getting Started with Google Analytics Allow us to introduce you to Google Analytics. Find out which metrics you should track daily and how to create reports that will keep you informed on top performing landing pages.
  • Lesson 5 The Only SEO Tools You Really Need Find out which SEO tools you absolutely need to buy and which you can skip on. We explain the pros and cons of each tool and how and when you should be using the tool.
  • Lesson 6 Creating a Content Strategy for Beginners Our content expert explains what to consider when creating a new content strategy. Believe it or not, SEO and content is 50% science and 50% art.
  • Lesson 7 Extra Credit Tactics to Up Your SEO & Content Game There are so many marketing tactics you can do to grow traffic to your site. Learn about all the quirky and fun tactics here and how you can apply them right away.
  • Final Project Exam: Are You a Search Wizard? This final exam will test your knowledge on SEO terms and scenarios. Find out if you are a search and content wizard!

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